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What to wear? 

A few thoughts on what to wear:


Portraits will be the most priceless art that your family owns.  Look around your house and pay attention to your colors.  You'll want your portraits to blend well in your home.   If you're going to put them in a formal room you'll probably want your clothing choices to be a bit more formal. 

Do you have a certain color that you really love to wear? Wear it! Do you love dresses? Wear one! Find something that makes you feel beautiful! If you are comfortable in what you are wearing, it will transfer to your photos. Being comfortable and confident in what we're wearing can make a huge difference in how we feel and how relaxed we are in front of the camera.

For Seniors:  Bold colors that pop photograph beautifully.  Adding layers and combining textures add a very nice touch and don't forget the accessories! Bring all of your jewelry, fun shoes, scarves, and purses.  It's also fun to incorporate hats or other props that are meaningful to you.  You can bring sports equipment, instruments, books, or anything else that tells your story.  Plan to include a variety of looks.  As a guideline, one dressy, one casual, one sporty/fun.   If you think you might like to wear it then bring it!   

If you wear make up you should add a bit more than normal.  If you shave your face make sure you didn't miss a spot; the camera will notice.  Double check your outfits to make sure they are ironed or free of wrinkles.   

FOR MOM: Form-fitting is usually more flattering than baggy in photographs.  Dresses are very stylish and photograph beautifully. Dresses with movement add an extra touch of grace and elegance to your photos!


FOR DAD: Chinos and button-up shirts or henleys look sharp, masculine and tailored in photos. Keep in mind that fitted slacks, as opposed to cargo styles, photograph best.


FOR KIDS: Same as mom and dad! Don’t forget to accessorize! Little touches like hair accessories, bow ties and suspenders can add the perfect stylistic touch  to your photos

Coordinating v Matching: There is an old fashioned idea floating around that everyone in the picture needs to have on matching clothing. This is not true! Coordinating is far better than matching. Choose colors that look nice together, but don't fall into the trap that you all need to be wearing the exact same blue shirt. Your photos will be far more interesting with some variation! Add interest to your photos by incorporating plenty of color and/or patterns. Don't be afraid of either of these! If you're overwhelmed with where to start, or wonder "How much is too much?" you might start with a print that you love, and pull in some of the coordinating colors with other pieces.  Think about the color palette of your home since that is where your pictures will be on display. 

Finish off your look with accessories and layers. This can really make your photos "YOU" and looks fantastic in photos!  Consider adding a statement necklace or scarf to your outfit, and for your family, consider accessories such as a vest, belt, jacket, hat, suspenders, headband, etc. Accessories are the perfect way to give a finishing touch to your look, and they can really set your photos apart.

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